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Here’s what people are saying about Feel Good Food

What a delight to leaf through Feel Good Food for the first time. What makes it so special is how particular it you and Richard, your love of hospitality and good food and your deep embeddedness in the Hudson Valley. And Richard's notes give us just as much as we need to feel confident in the French ways without going all "Julia Child" on us!

Congrats on a gorgeous and very useful culinary guide!

Dana Patton

I am holding in my hands this gorgeous book, FEEL GOOD FOOD, turning the pages in awe and excitement. I have never seen a cookbook that is so personally relatable, educational, enticing and exciting and above all else, makes me want to do the recipes. I want to have a FEEL GOOD FOOD PARTY!  

Feel good Food is filled with so much love and appreciation or food, it’s palpable.  Never seen a cookbook that cares to teach people to make dishes that have both top chef sophistication and down to earth simplicity.

Thank you Chef Richard and MaryAnne Erickson for your incredible contribution.  

Brigitte Roth

I walked in the door and there it was, "Feel Good Food". Roby and Brody, my two westies, and i sat on the couch and opened it. The first page, "Carrot Parsnip Soup" Oh, Oh Oh My!! I snuck a look at "Pumpkin Cheesecake", not too long, but just a little. I need some cream cheese. The Coq au Vin", just right for our progressive coming up at the end of the month. Page after Page of Joy, adventure, and fun. Wow! Wow! Wow. I'm starting tonight. Thank you for many evenings to come.

David McNary