Bistro-to-Go Bakery

A bakery by any other name never tasted so sweet.

Our wonderful bakery team, Melinda, Vanessa and Rebecca use only the best ingredients in their delicious cookies, cakes, pies, tiramisu, muffins, chocolate mousse, the list goes on and on. And there are many gluten-free but definitely not flavor free desserts to choose from.

Call and speak to Melinda, Vanessa and Rebecca for any special orders.

Bakery Offerings

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Standard 8" cakes (require at least 24 hours notice):
Triple Chocolate, Carrot, Chocolate or Vanilla Chantilly, Mocha, Apple Spice, Flourless Chocolate Tortes, Tres Leches, Cheesecakes (7")

Specialty cakes, 8" or larger (require at least 48 hours notice):
Lemon, Coconut, Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Tiramisu Cake, Dulce De Leche... other flavors available upon request

Round Cakes:

Size, servings, price:

8” serves 8-10 - $35.00
10” serves 20-30 - $55.00
12” serves 30-45 - $75.00
14” serves 45-60 - $95.00
16” serves 65-80 - $115.00

Sheet Cakes:

Size, servings, price:

1/4 sheet, unfilled (12-30)$65.00
1/4 sheet, filled (12-30) $75.00
1/2 sheet, unfilled (20-40) $85.00
1/2 sheet, filled (20-40) $100.00

Other cakes and tortes:

Item size, servings, price:

8” Flourless Chocolate Torte (10-16) $32.00
7” New York Cheesecake (6-10) $18.00
8” Apple Spice Cake (8-10) $22.00

Other Bistro Bakery specialties...

Jumbo cupcakes, filled or unfilled $3.50 each
Regular cupcakes, filled $2.50 each
Regular cupcakes, unfilled $2.00 each
Mini cupcakes, unfilled $18.00 dozen

Dessert platters!
Large cookie/brownie platter (brownie pieces, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies) $60.00
Small cookie brownie platter (brownie pieces, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies)

special assortments of cookies are available upon request