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Testimonial from a Satisfied Bistro-to-Go Guest

We receive so many incredible acknowledgments from our fans, both verbal and written - we are truly blessed! Occasionally, we're inspired to share the most wonderful ones with you. So read on.

Mary Anne Erickson


October 14, 2018

Dear Richard, Mary Anne, Jonathan, Megan, Sam, and the rest of the crew at Bistro-to-Go,

Sometimes positive reinforcement is hard to come by, so whenever I can give it out I am happy to oblige.

Back in the spring I had routine blood work done at my doctor's office and my triglyceride level which had been elevated before was now out of hand. He used the word "re-diabetic" in his scolding. Since then, I have eaten a bowl of oatmeal everyday and dined at Bistro-to-Go at least 5 times a week. I went back for fresh blood work in September. My triglyceride levels dropped 75%. The doctor was impressed and so was I.

I could not have achieved this improvement to my health without your help. A low-carb diet would have been a real drag without your greens, broccoli, chicken burgers, green beans, vegetable medleys, etc.

I am a bachelor. My refrigerator at home features mustard, baking soda and batteries. I eat out almost all meals. For that reason, I feel particularly qualified to say that Bistro-to-Go has the best quality, most skillfully prepared and conveniently served food in Ulster County and maybe beyond. All of your dedication to and passion for great food shines through brightly and I get to eat it.

Gratefully Yours, DJB