Summer Wedding Season's Here

Mary Anne Erickson


September 6, 2018

We're blessed to have a wonderful association with one of the premiere wedding venues in the Hudson Valley, The Onteora Mountain House. As the exclusive caterer, one of our greatest pleasures is using as much farm-fresh produce as possible. This week we received an enormous order of fresh salad greens from Jim and Viv at Cody Creek Farm in Saugerties. They brought us a great organic selection of arugula, Boston and red leaf lettuce, and their own mesclun mix. No pre-washed greens here - it took us a few hours to wash and dry them all, and once they were prepped we decided they needed their picture taken. So we set them out next to the little herb and vegetable garden I've created in the back of our store. The guests at the wedding today and tomorrow will be dining on freshly picked salad greens - not an every day occurrence for most folks.

We've co-hosted some wonderful tasting events at Onteora Mountain House for the couples and families that are getting married there. The big roomy kitchen allows plenty of space for several chefs to prepare and set out all the

food from a large selection of different appetizers to a variety of entrees and finally cake samples.

Enjoy some of the photos from our last two tastings and take a deep breath of the sweet mountain air.