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Planning a great wedding - takes a village!

Creating a fabulous wedding can sometimes take a village. Here's our shout out to all the vendors and people who made this Woodstock Wedding a big success.

Mary Anne Erickson


October 14, 2018

Last weekend we catered a fabulous wedding in Woodstock where the bridal couple honored their guests with so much love - they wanted them to have the BEST of everything, including the food! I decided it would be great to give a BIG shout out to all the amazing vendors that helped create the magic! So here goes, but where to start?

Four or so months ago, I met with the clients to review their menu ideas and walk the site to get a sense of flow and staging. The next step was a group meeting where many of the key players convened. I met the very talented contractor Kathi Wood from WoodWoman Fine Carpentry who handled all the building needs on site; Jane Wilcox, the event planner extraordinaire, (, and the main man Marty from Events Unlimited (www.eventsunlimitedpartyrentals.com_). We measured the yard for the tent placement, discussed where our portable kitchen would go (fabulous stone garage with a clean cement floor and excellent lighting - thank you!!), bathroom trailer, cocktail tent, where the dancers would perform, and initial discussions about timing, etc.

Fast forward to the week of the wedding - now it seems like hundreds of emails have flashed back and forth between myself, Jane, and Marty - we made a great team to make sure we covered every base up until the last moment. There were two tents, both with full flooring, carpeting and a big dance floor in the main tent. They installed the tent a full week in advance to make sure they got it right and it was gorgeous. I met with Jane at the site on Wednesday to go over all details and then to my delight reconnected with Larry Lustberg from Stortz Lighting ( now located in Brooklyn. Wow! This was not going to be an "every day" wedding! Larry told me about the special spotlights they had created to shine down on each table, to create a spot JUST on the table - no overflow onto the floor. Sounded very dramatic! Their crew put in many hours making sure the lighting was top notch! And we got a sneak preview of a special projection they were planning for the main tent - a big full moon above the band. (I forgot to mention that the date of this wedding was the day after the Summer Solstice and the day before the big Super Full Moon - what a combo!)

Now we've come to the wedding day itself! Generally, when we arrive at a wedding site we set up the tables and chairs. This time the hosts chose handmade farm tables from Events Unlimited, and in order to get the lighting just right, they set the tables up in advance. I knew the flowers were going to be created by the very talented Steven Bruce (, but had NO idea how amazing the long trenchers filled with flowers would actually look on the tables. Purple and green have never been a more amazing color combination than this!

Can't forget to mention how great it was that our friend Dion Ogust (www.dionphoto.com_) was chosen as the photographer for the wedding. While I was taking some shots of the salad settings, I snapped this photo of Dion in action. I have to say, she looked stunning! and I can hardly wait to see her photos from the wedding!

There were many more people who contributed to making this a very special day - performers who were all amazing - but as is always the case for a caterer - we're not able to sit back and enjoy watching it all, as we're moving too fast. Let it be said that everyone had a great time, and most important, the bridal couple - who planned everything so carefully - did too! For that we are eternally grateful - and we wish them many years of happiness together.

Gorgeous table settings and rentals from Events Unlimited. Arugula, fennel, and orange salad.

Plating the salads.

Last, but not least, as the guests were leaving - they were treated to this spectacular sight of the Super Full Moon!