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Late June Wedding in The Catskill Mountains

A recap of Kathryn and Michael's magical wedding in a remote valley of the Catskill Mountains.

Mary Anne Erickson


October 14, 2018

There's a reason the Hudson River School artists found the Catskill Mountains so appealing. And so do the rest of us who are blessed to live in this gorgeous part of the world. Every wedding we cater comes with yet another amazing landscape! And Kathryn and Michael's wedding was really one of the best. Thank goodness the weather forecast was wrong - and we were all able to witness their vows with this amazing backdrop. You couldn't have asked for a more perfect late afternoon-evening wedding!

The groom arrived in THE most outrageous old car. Jean Kallina, wedding photographer extraordinaire was on hand to document everything

And once the ceremony was over - the party began. We were thrilled to be able to use these marvelous hand-crafted portable coolers by Carl Bruckner. He has taken great care to keep them in tiptop condition and the beer taps on the side are always a huge hit. We love recommending Keegan Ales for our favorite microbrew. At Kathryn and Michael's wedding we served Mother's Milk and Old Capitol. Both BIG favs amongst the locals and guests alike.

Kathryn and Michael had the coolest idea for party favors - they have a good friend who is a potter and they crafted these special chargers for their place settings that would be taken home at the end of the night.

A few food notes - Richard has enjoyed creating these cheese tortas for appetizer tables. It's a great idea and they're quite easy to make!

He found a heart-shaped cake pan to make this Oven-dried Tomato and Olive Tapenade Goat Cheese Torta.
And a simple round cake pan for this Black Pepper-Herbed Goat Cheese Torta.

There are many challenging aspects to catering a wedding in the middle of a field out of a small tent - and most caterers have had plenty of these types of experiences! You have a few tables that are hidden from the view of the guests - and your job is to produce amazing food from this small makeshift kitchen. Richard thought putting fresh edible pansies on the salads would be a nice touch.

The night ended with a great bonfire - and I'm sure many more amazing experiences for the bride, groom and all those who remained. We departed with the warm feeling of having helped create a wonderful day for a beautiful couple.