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Great Appetizer Recipes: Smoked Salmon Canapes

Here's another one of our favorite cocktail party appetizers: Smoked Salmon Canapes

Mary Anne Erickson


October 13, 2018

Catsmo Smoked Salmon Canapes, Chef Richard Erickson, Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go

This is a classic finger food, but we have punched the flavors up a bit and serve it on sensational white wine shallot biscuits. Any tasty cracker or pumpernickle bread, even cucumber slices work equally well.

Combine 4 oz. smoked salmon with 1 pound of softened cream cheese, 2 or three scallions and a generous bunch of dill, tarragon, chives or a combination of all. Mix it coarsely in the Cuisinart scraping down the sides. Spoon the mix onto a cracker and garnish with small slices of smoked salmon for a festive presentation.

If you can purchase locally smoked salmon, it's even more delicious! Mixing some salmon in with the cream cheese rather than just garnishing the top makes a real difference and the result is a scrumptious little appetizer.