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Blue Mountain Bistro Catering Voted Best in The Hudson Valley

What a great honor to have received this huge vote of confidence from Hudson Valley Magazine readers. Followed by a thank you letter we received from a very happy customer and wedding host.

Mary Anne Erickson


October 13, 2018

Originally published September 26, 2012

We are thrilled to announce that Hudson Valley Magazine has released the winners of this year's reader's poll and Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go was voted Best Caterer in the Hudson Valley! We are honored! We so appreciate all of your support. With this in mind, we'd like to share this effusive thank you letter we received from a bride and groom whose wedding we catered in June.

"It took me one week since my wedding on June 23rd to my darling Christine to write this review of The Blue Mountain Bistro. The main reason for the delay is that I have just finished speaking to the last guest regarding the incredible food and first-class service provided by Mary Anne and Richard. As I now have the time to comment on my experience with Mary Anne and Richard, any person who seriously wishes to overwhelm their event guests with incredible food and service is best advised to read on.  

After Christine and I sent our wedding invitations I found myself feeling such gratitude for each guest who responded to our invitation with a "will attend." I felt obligated to each of our guests to demonstrate my gratitude for their acceptance of the invitation to attend our wedding, Many of our guests would be traveling a long distance to attend. We just had to insure a perfect, killer wedding. Incredibly, we selected Blue Mountain Bistro even though it was the first catering entity which appeared after Googling caterers for the Kingston, New York area.

We then contacted Mary Anne and spoke with her in detail regarding our wedding. She was incredibly professional and totally knowledgeable answering our questions regarding how to pull off a successful summer mountain tent wedding at our home in Haines Falls, New York. The day of our wedding finally arrived and Mary Anne and Richard took over. Our tables set-up was beautiful. After Christine and I said our "I do 's", the wedding reception began. The food at the cocktail hour was professionally delivered and FABULOUS. My favorite was the mini lobster sandwiches. Importantly, Blue Mountain Bistro bartenders served our guests at a perfect pace, ensuring that none of our guests had to wait for a drink.  

The dinner presentation was awesome. I observed highly skilled food servers delivering incredible tenderloin, pork and chicken specialty dinners to our guests. The dinner was fabulous with our guests cleaning their plates as if they had just escaped being trapped in a plane on an airport runway for 10 hours. In sum, we could not have received a better affair if we rented the most gorgeous room at The Waldorf Astoria. Mary Anne and Richard delivered a wedding for the ages and WE were the lucky recipients of their combined genius.

These are the only words that can truly describe their mastery of the art of catering and food and beverage service. If anyone truly wants to honor and impress their guests, Mary Anne and Richard are the key and the only way to go. A wedding is a perfect fit for the axiom "You don 't get a second chance to make a first impression". Importantly, I am a Consumer Protection attorney and I know good, honest business owners better than most. Richard and Mary Anne are throw-backs from the last century when the customer was king and businesses well understood that word of mouth was the best advertisement for their products and skills.  

The Blue Mountain Bistro will now cater any affair which Christine and I may have in the future. I simply cannot believe that such a fabulous catering entity is located so close to our beautiful rural mountain home. Book these two fabulous professionals, Mary Anne and Richard, before the day comes when they will be as available as a taxicab in Manhattan during a 5:00PM Friday July ; monsoon rain storm. Christine and I thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts---you gave us a wedding for the ages!" .