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June 6, 2018

At Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go they sell what they cook and they cook what they sell. Shelves are bursting with grocery products from around the Mediterranean: beautiful unique Greek olive oil; vinegars from France, Italy, Spain and Greece; risotto, polenta, and couscous; gourmet and sea salts; jams and jellies; local and imported artisanal cheeses; olives and local pickles; Spanish chorizo, prosciutto, Sopressata and other delicacies. These items are loved and used by both kitchen and staff. Every day their chefs prepare a variety of meat, seafood, chicken, vegetable dishes, and salads. Selections are based on seasonal availability, daily inspiration and customer requests.

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Bistro-to-Go: Not just another roadside attraction

Woodstock Times
January 19, 2016

Sometimes, all signs point to yes. Like now, for Mary Anne Erickson: past, present and future have coalesced into a vibrant, vintage-inspired work of art that hangs in the sky representing…the whole enchilada. And, roasted chicken, fresh broiled salmon, pans of curried vegetables, juicy briskets, pastries and desserts, and other home-cooked foods.

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