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Classic Bistro Food To-Go! The best Hudson Valley Catering! Gourmet Store, and Healthy Take-Out!

Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go in the Hudson Valley.
Great Food To Go. The Best Hudson Valley Catering!

Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go is open 7 days a week serving healthy take out food in the Hudson Valley. If you’re not in a hurry, enjoy your meal or snack in our beautiful bistro. Our Goal is to satisfy and delight you by providing superior quality prepared foods and healthy take-away options for you to enjoy here in our cozy cafe or at home. It is best described by the simple words - FEEL GOOD FOOD!

Consider our gourmet restaurant kitchen an extension of yours! We offer and are committed to:

  • Local, artisanal, and hand-crafted foods such as homemade cheeses, soups, desserts, dressings, marinades, vinegars, spreads, preserves, honeys, syrups and other goods from our gourmet food store
  • Fresh available organic produce from local Hudson Valley area farms
  • Grass-fed beef and locally-raised chicken in prepared meals
  • Healthy foods that are prepared on premise and free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats
  • The Mediterranean way of eating with an emphasis on flavor derived from fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil
  • Food that is prepared with love and care in the “slow food” tradition with the ease of a “to go” option!
  • An ever-changing seasonal take-away menu as well as favorite gourmet menu staples at affordable prices
  • Being a resource for good living and entertaining for our vibrant Hudson Valley and Catskills Mountain community

Blue Mountain Bistro - The Best Catering in the Hudson Valley!

Blue Mountain Bistro Catering is an award winning catering food service and event management company located on Route 28 in Kingston, New York at Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go. From Appetizers to Entrees to Desserts, Blue Mountain Bistro Catering offers a gourmet menu for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Cocktail parties, Celebratory Luncheons, Fund-raising Dinners, Business Affairs and any other occasion under the sun!  

  • Serving Woodstock as well as the entire Hudson Valley and the Catskills region four star Mediterannean-inspired food since 1993
  • Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, social and corporate events are our specialty Special menu requests such as vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian are available and prepared with the same love and care as our regular gourmet menu offerings.
  • Enjoy the celebration! Blue Mountain Bistro catering offers impeccable service - relax and have fun being a guest at your own event!
  • Blue Mountain Bistro Catering offers rentals of a fine selection of elegant tableware, tents, seating, professional music and stunning venues from the best quality area resources
  • Exceptional, honest and professional service from everyone on our staff- bartenders, waiters and waitresses, servers, cooks and crew!

Blue Mountain Bistro Gourmet Food Store

Blue Mountain Bistro Gourmet Food Store can be your kitchen’s secret weapon! While you are at the Blue Mountain Bistro getting your take away food, visit our gourmet food store section and leave with some of our favored ingredients. Many of the items in our store are the actual brands that are used in our home cooking at the Bistro.  FEEL GOOD FOOD ingredients for your fridge and pantry -  to use on those days when you want to make your culinary creations in your own kitchen.

Blue Mountain Bistro Healthy Take Out Menu

Blue Mountain Bistro To-Go Menu has something for everyone! You may call it take out, to go, or take away – we call it FEEL GOOD FOOD!

We are happy to offer you our selection of home cooked prepared food, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Our healthy take out menu has everything there just waiting for you. In the car, on the go, home from work, or off to a picnic – our convenient location is on your way. Make us your to go place for take out!


"Not only was the food absolutely delicious, but the separate cocktail hours/canapé options that we decided on at the Onteora Mountain House worked out so well! The adults loved the more sophisticated tastes as well as the crowd pleasers that the kids wolfed down – in fact, I saw more than a few adults raid the kids’ cocktail hour and walk away with big plates of pigs, coconut shrimp and those YUMMY pulled pork cups! Of course, you KNOW I adore the chicken meatballs, etc…the smoked trout on blini is now my new favorite!"

By Abbe Aronson

October 2012

"Thank you for doing such an amazing job on Saturday - the food was delicious! Everyone raved and everything was cooked to perfection. Many thanks to you and your team."

By Adrian and Rob, Onteora Mountain House

October 2011

"We're so happy we decided to have Bistro-to-go cater Jake's wedding party instead of doing it ourselves. Your team was friendly and efficient and best of all, the food was terrific. Glad we have some leftovers to enjoy."

By Angela and Rick, Saugerties, New York

September 2012

"The food and service were beyond helped give my niece the best engagement celebration. I could not have asked for a single aspect of your service to be different...perfect in every way! "

By Anonymous, Woodstock, NY

April 2013

"I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to you for hosting the wonderful champagne brunch at your lovely Blue Mountain Bistro and for your generous in-kind contribution to my reelection campaign. You should know I received many compliments on your behalf about how delicious the food is, and what a great place it is to hold an event. I heartily agree, and I am sure your catering venture will prove to be highly successful."

By Congressman Maurice Hinchey

May 2005

"As the step-father of the Bride, Katharine I admit I may be just a little less than objective, but since everyone else thought it as an absolutely incredible romantic moment made even more elegant and delicious through Mary Anne's great eye for detail design and Richards great magical hands in his kitchen. The staff works like crazy and dig the gig! Thanks, Bistro "

By Dean and Susan Goldberg

June 2013

"Thank you so much for the delicious rehearsal dinner and wedding food. I enjoyed all of it but was especially thrilled to eat the steaming hot mashed potatoes! I and many of the guests, really enjoyed the collard greens and jambalaya. We would have loved to have taken the extras home to enjoy later. Many many thanks for all of your work to make the wedding a memorable event."

By Elizabeth and Peter Cole, Onteora Mountain House

November 2011

"So, the wild wedding craze is over and we are writing our thank yous to all participants. One very special Thank You! goes out to you and Richard and your crew - you have all been so nice and friendly and helpful with everything and the food was fantastic ("epic" as my father called it.) Thanks to your great organization everything went super smooth. Please feel free to use us as reference for prospective customers."

By Henning & Caitlin, Saugerties, New York

September 2010

"Universal kudos! The food was yummy and devoured (tho I was really happy to have some leftovers for my gang, who just left last nite!) All I added were my Malayasian coconut rice and a Caesar salad (my Richard's recipe). A good time was had by all. Thanks so much."

By Jane Brody, Personal Health Columnist, The New York Times

April 2011

"We could not have received a better affair if we rented the most gorgeous room at The Waldorf Astoria"

By June 2012 Wedding Thank you

June 2012

"Thank you so much. The party was fantastic. We had perfect weather. Everyone raved about the food. It was delicious. Michael and Megan were so wonderful in the way they arranged everything and their sense of timing. I could really enjoy the party too. I would be delighted to give a recommendation any time but you probably don't need it since you have such a wonderful reputation. Please thank Richard and all your staff who prepared the food."

By Karen, Palenville, New York

July 2012

"Hello Mary Anne: just wanted you to know the food you provided for our party at Onteora Mountain House last night was DEEEE-licious and is getting rave reviews today. As always, it is a pleasure working with you and Bistro-to-go."

By Marilyn Maracek, Woodstock, New York

July 2011

"A belated thanks for the wonderful food and energetic helpers who made my party such a success. Despite the rain, everything worked out perfectly and the food was much admired. I am glad we decided on the fillet of beef, which disappeared almost immediately, despite the professed vegetarians amongst us. But it was all delicious: the appetizers were beautifully displayed, thanks to the skills of the "ladies", the cakes were scrumptious , and I am sure you have acquired new fans."

By Marjorie, Woodstock, New York / New York City

June 2012

"Thank you for your creation and execution of Emily and Ben's glorious wedding celebration. Your skill and competence in arranging and composing such large wedding was extremely impressive. I enjoyed working with you both in the process of planning this memorable day."

By Patricia and David, Glenford, New York

August 2012

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! The food tasted delicious and it looked like a painting. Richard, Alan and I know that you are an artist in more ways than one. Michael and his assistant ran the whole show in a professional, pleasant, personable manner. Everyone enjoyed the party."

By Sandy Woodstock, New York / New York City

July 2011

"Rain and shine it was a great wedding. The food was scrumptuous and everything looked beautiful. When you said I didn't need a wedding planner you were absolutely correct. Your personal services made the party a success. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything."

By Sondra Mark

August 2009

"Matt and I just got back from Italy on Sunday night, and of course we spent much of the time on our honeymoon reminiscing about the wedding and reception. When we got back,we were inundated with notes and calls from our guests, praising every aspect of the event, and in many cases they complimented the food, the catering, your staff. It all ran so smoothly and everyone had such a great time, including Matt and myself. I just wanted to let you know that you deserve huge thanks for helping make our wedding such a success. We can't thank you enough and we are so grateful for your professionalism, calm and culinary expertise. Each characteristic contributed immensely to what in hindsight we both agree was the happiest moment of our lives."

By Steve and Matt, Woodstock, New York

October 2011

"I can't thank you enough for your help in making my niece's engagement celebration so memorable. From the moment you helped us plan the menu until the last dish was carefully washed and put away your professionalism has been unsurpassed. The guests raved about the food, the servers were efficient and hard-working, and every detail was impeccable. We will never try another caterer...because your service is the ultimate!"

By Susan Paynter

April 2013

"The party was spectacular - your food, staff and service were vital to it! We were very pleased with your contribution to the event - thank you so much. The food was beautiful and perfect, the staff were fantastic. The torrential rain and floods added crazy and extremely muddy elements to the night and you were all so amazing through this. Thanks for keeping it dry and together. We couldn't have done this without each of you. We wish you many more fun and successful parties this season!"

By Tracy and Jamie

June 2009

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