Get Inspired by our Gourmet Food Store

“We sell what we cook and we cook what we sell.” - Richard Erickson


Gourmet Food Store

At Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go we want to inspire your cooking at home. Our shelves are bursting with grocery products from around the Mediterranean: beautiful unique Greek olive oil; vinegars from France, Italy, Spain and Greece; risotto, polenta, and couscous; gourmet and sea salts; jams and jellies; local and imported artisanal cheeses; olives and local pickles; Spanish chorizo, prosciutto, Sopressata and other delicacies. These items are loved and used by our kitchen and staff. Ask our staff about our products and our food, see what they recommend! We love to share our favorite dishes and delicacies with our customers. 

Our cases are always bursting with a variety of vegetable dishes, salads, vegetarian options and traditional preparations. Case selections are based on seasonal availability, daily inspiration and customer requests. If you want or remember something we've made before, call or ask us, we can accommodate most requests given enough time.



Artisanal Cheese

At Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go, we are proud to offer a variety of fine local and imported cheese. We feature handcrafted extraordinary cheese, from traditional chevre to unique farmstead blends. While no cheese selection would be complete without some of the classics, like our imported Spanish Manchego, we try to highlight our kitchen's favorite cheeses from local producers. Here are just a few of the farms and cheesemakers we are proud to feature and support:

- Harpersfield Cheese, Jefferson NY
- Nettle Meadow Farm and Cheese, Warrensburg NY
- Old Chatham Sheepherding (Black Sheep Cheese), Old Chatham NY
- Chaseholm Farm, Pine Plains NY
- Adirondack Cheese Company, Barnevenld NY
- R&G Cheesemakers, Cohoes NY
- Cooperstown Cheese Company, Cooperstown NY



Coffee and Tea

Who Discovered Coffee?

The legend of how coffee was discovered is often told in three different variations. The first says that a man in Ethiopia saw birds that seemed more energetic than the norm. When he tried the berries the birds had been feasting on, he experienced heightened energy levels. Hmmmm, what do you think?

The second legend is of a man starving in the desert who discovered berries, but found them to be too bitter for consumption, and boiled them instead and then drank the brown liquid. When he brought the berries to a holy man, the holy man disapproved and threw them onto the fire, inadvertently roasting the beans. These beans were raked from the embers, ground and dissolved in hot water, making the first cup of coffee.


Discover Our Coffee…

How do you take your coffee? Black? Light and sweet? Sugar? Cream? No matter how you take it, we can offer you all the ingredients for the perfect cup of joe. We now proudly sell and serve coffee from No. Six Depot Roastery and Café, a Massachusetts based company with a variety of delicious specialty blends. All their coffee beans are sourced from 100% certified  organic premium lots of heirloom Arabica cultivars from master growers who practice responsible land stewardship. All of their coffees come from small farms and cooperative unions where the workers are valued, empowered and rewarded. They guarantee clear traceability, sustainability and responsibility in their supply chain. 

Visit their small-batch coffee roastery, café, art gallery & event space in the oldest train station in Stockbridge, Massachusetts in the Berkshires.

…and Take Along Some Tea!

No matter what’s in your cup, you’re sure to be energized by our selection of fine teas. Regular, decaf, green, black, white, herbal, we offer a wide variety for every drinker – and maybe you’ll want to pair it up with one of our scrumptious desserts!

In our gourmet food store you’ll find these Harney & Sons flavored teas and more:

  • English Breakfast
  • Early Grey Supreme
  • Tropical Green
  • Darjeeling
  • Japanese Sencha
  • Decaffeinated Ceylon
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organich Rooibos
  • Egyptian Chamomile
  • Red Raspberry

In our shop, we sell what we brew, so if you like a flavor that was brewed for you here - be sure to try it out at home! We feature a variety of natural sweeteners as well! Honey and maple syrup from a variety of local beekeepers and syrup makers; agave and palm syrup from Organic Nectars; Sugar in the Raw and much more! Don't like milk in your coffee and tea? We also carry dairy alternatives, such as almond and soy milk. 



Cook Books

There’s Nothing like a New Cookbook!

Cookbooks hold a special place in people’s hearts, because we all love to eat, and many of us love to cook. We have fun selecting books we think will offer you something slightly different and of course they reflect our taste and what we like.

We’ve featured cookbooks by veterans like Julia Child and Alice Waters, and sprinkle in other popular topics like gluten free baking and cooking. We’re also proud to be host to Joanne Michaels’ guides to the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains, which are great if you’re visiting the Hudson Valley on vacation and want to discover some fun adventures. Her “Let’s Take The Kids” is an ever popular book many parents have enjoyed.

Our Favorite Cook Book Selections are Hand-Picked for You

We select cook books that turn us on. Is there a new cook book you think we should feature? Let us know! We’re always looking to find the best new cookbooks!

Just a few of the cook books you may find at our Blue Mountain Bistro Gourmet Food Store: 

  • Harold Dieterle's Kitchen Notebook hundreds of recipes, tips and techniques for cooking like a chef at home
    by Harold Dieterle and Andrew Friedman
  • Spuntino comfort food (New York Style)
    by Russell Norman
  • My New Roots inspired by plant-based recipes for every season 
    by Sarah Britton
  • For Goodness Sake plant-based recipes from the Spiral House Kitchen (gluten free friendly)
    by The Spiral House Crew featuring Chef Diane Hagedorn
  • The Little Bacon Cookbook from snacks to sweets - because bacon goes with everything! 
    by Jack Campbell
  • The Little Cocktail Box the little book of: vodka, tequila, gin and rum 
    by Spruce
  • Kombucha! the amazing probiotic tea that cleanses, heals, energizes and detoxifies 
    by Eric and Jessica Childs
  • Fermentation & Home Brewing
    by Jessica Childs and Eric Childs
  • Famous Woodstock Cooks and their favorite recipes
    by Joanne Michaels and Mary Barile

    Other books...
  • Hudson Valley & Catskill Mountains including Saratoga Springs & Albany
    by Joanne Michaels
  • Let's Take the Kids! great places to go in New York's Hudson Valley including the Catskills, the Capital Region, the Adirondacks, Lake George, the Berkshires, and Cooperstown
    by Joanne Michaels

Don’t forget a beautiful handmade card to put in your cookbook!

In addition to these cook books, you will also find a whole line of handmade specialty greeting cards from local artists, so any of your gifts can be paired with a perfect note for the occasion.



Exciting Gourmet Desserts for your Sweet Tooth!

At Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go we work extra hard to make something to please everyone. Our bakers cook up new desserts every day, as well as lots of our regular treats. We have a large selection of cookies, brownies, lemon bars, gluten-free desserts, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and tortes. Our dessert case is constantly being filled with fresh baked goods made on premises by our fabulous bakers Melinda, Vanessa and Rebecca!



Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets make the coolest gifts!

Create a gift that is perfectly tailored for a special friend or family member here at Bistro-to-Go. We have a great selection of baskets to choose from, then pick what you like to fill it up. No matter what the occasion, a gift basket makes the perfect gift!

A custom gift basket could feature a wonderful assortment of products including chocolate, coffee, olive oil, pasta, jams, local maple syrup, and more! Every basket is beautifully wrapped and ready to share.

If you can’t make it in to the store, call us with the direction you would like to go and we’ll be happy to assist you in making one! Or if you’d like to leave it up to us, we’ll put a beautiful basket together for you that will be a highly appreciated gift!

Olive Oils

Olive Oil: “Liquid Gold”

The origin of olive oil is found in the rich history of the Mediterranean. The ancient poet Homer is said to have referred to olive oil as “liquid gold.” Valued for over 5000 years, this juice pressed from the fruit of the olive tree is full of vitamins E and K, and cultures that cook with this oil have lower incidences of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Olive oil is much like wine; the different oils have various flavor nuances depending on the region they are from, and when and how they have been “pressed”.

We are thrilled here at Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go to feature Oil Ladi Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a small family farm in Greece. Here is the story of the property from Dina Fleishman, daughter of the owner:

"The Tourloukis family received the groves shortly following Greece's independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821. At that time, the government distributed, to the various families in the area, those properties that had been seized by the Ottomans and held for centuries. Our immediate family owns about 600 trees which produce just over 2 tons of olive oil annually, sometimes more depending on the harvest. That translates to either 5,000 small (500ml) bottles or 3,300 large (750ml). All of the farmers in the area that use the same mill we do are of a similar size, very small. Like my father, they bring their harvest to the mills, keep what they need for the year and sell the rest mainly to large Italian wholesalers or to the mills themselves.


My family came here in the 1960's and traveled back and forth often to Greece, as the groves were being tended to by family My dad took over again when he and my mom returned to Greece for good, about 20 years ago. Under his supervision, the groves are 100% organic. He has not pursued organic certification, mainly because it's rather expensive and for his purposes, was not necessary. However, I plan to look into the process when I go to Greece in October or early November. There are strict rules as to what pesticides can be applied and when. A pesticide is applied once in the spring when the trees bloom and only to the flower and high on the bark ensuring that nothing gets into the root system. If there is a cause for concern that requires additional application later in the season, that application is restricted to the roadways and perimeter of the groves only, again, for the purpose of keeping any chemicals away from the roots.
Our olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed well within 24 hours; after 24 hours, the olives can be in danger of degeneration which would affect the quality of the olive oil. Extraction is only by mechanical means in a sterile environment.

The EVOO in the 2014 Oil Ladi harvest comes both from our own trees as well as the neighboring farmers, (many of them are related to us whether from my dad's or my mom's side). I dealt directly with the mill owner in order to obtain the highest quality EVOO available. Our immediate family's groves produce some of the best EVOO around and it's mostly due to the location of the groves. Our trees grow on slopes with excellent drainage and lots of sun. The saying in Greece is "plevra ke helio" meaning "slope and sun", the olive tree's best friends. Watering is supervised very closely as is pruning. These folks have been doing this a very long time, it's always remarkable to me how much skill goes into the cultivation of the groves. It's easy to get attached to the trees, they're so beautiful and some have been around a very long time.


Pastas Couscous Polenta


Our Favorites for Your Home Cooking

Want to cook with the same products we use in all of our dishes here at Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go? Everything we use in our kitchen is available to use in your home kitchen!

Of course, we have more of it than you may need, but we’ve been known to go out to the store shelves for a product when we’re running low. The only products you’ll find that we don’t use in our kitchen are the pasta sauces we sell. We understand that you may not have the time to make your own like we do, but that’s why we’ve chosen these Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go favorite sauces for your home cooking.

Pasta, Couscous, and Polenta 

Stop into the Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go Gourmet Food Store for delicious pastas, couscous, quinoa, rice and polenta! With many varieties to choose from, we have one to suit all food lovers! From penne to rigatoni to fusilli to farfalle, you won’t be able to choose just one!

We use the Neareast orzo rice pilaf every day that accompanies many of our dinner specials. Our polenta is locally sourced. We have a fine selection of artisanal pastas and even gluten free pastas. We recommend trying the Lensi, it’s an organic Italian pasta. Or you can try the De Cecco pasta, or the Bel Aria rice for your next risotto!

Let us arrange a variety of our favorite food product in a beautiful gift basket along with an inspiring cookbook for your favorite family member or friend. 

The brands and products you’ll find (may vary due to seasonal availability):

    • Lucio Garofalo
    • Pirro Garganelli
    • Dalla Costa
    • De Boles Organic Ancient Grain Pasta
    • Moretti Polenta Bergamasca
    • Bel Aria Instant Polenta
    • Osem Israeli Couscous
    • Tipiak Couscous
    • Bel Aria Couscous
    • Misko Orzo 
  • Snacks!


    Our homemade granola is a great way to start the day!


    Looking for the perfect snack? Whether you’re at home watching a movie, taking a hike on one of the many trails here in the Hudson Valley or going on a road trip, we have crackers, chips, granola, nuts and a wide variety of other snacks to satisfy any craving!


    Try our house-made granola on local Ronnybrook yogurt with honey, strawberries, bananas, or enjoy with milk as a cereal. You will LOVE it!

    Products you may find:

    Clif Bars
    Luna Bars

    Other snacks you may enjoy:

    • Kettle Brand potato chips, individual and family size bags gluten free!
    • Food Should Taste Good tortilla and sweet potato chips gluten free!
    • Kame rice crackers (sesame, wasabi and original) gluten free!
    • Doctor Kracker flatbreads (seedlander and klassic 3 seed)
    • Suzie's 7 ancient grain flatbreads
    • American Vintage wine biscuits (white wine and shallot, and red wine and pepper)
    • Carr's crackers
    • Wellington crackers
    • Glutino crackers (sea salt, multigrain, cheddar, rosemary olive oil) gluten free!
    • Glutino parmesan and garlic bagel chips gluten free!
    • Devonsheer Melba round crackers (original and sesame)
    • Late July classic buttery crackers
    • Stonewall Kitchen crackers (rosemary and parmesan, sea salt, asiago cheese, olive oil, everything flatbreads)
    • Nairn's oat crackers (classic and ginger)

    Looking for something to dip your chips in or spread on your crackers?
    Check out some of our favorite dips, aiolis, hot sauces and other delicious condiments.
    Pick up some local cheese from our grab-and-go to complete the snack.

    • Mt. Vikos spreads (kalamata olive spread, artichoke spread, feta & red pepper spread)
    • Stonewall Kitchen pestos (basil pesto, sun dried tomato pesto)
    • Stonewall Kitchen salsas (pineapple chipotle, mango lime)
    • Stonewall Kitchen aioli (sriracha, roasted garlic, lemon herb)
    • Salpica salsa (verde and habanero lime)
    • Hudson Valley Harvest salsa (verde and roja)
    • Hudson Valley Harvest jalapeño relish
    • Hudson Valley Harvest hot sauce
    • Cholula hot sauce (original, chipotle, chili lime, green pepper)
    • Huy Fong Foods sriracha, chili paste, and chili garlic sauce
    • Maya Kaimal curried ketchup
    • Woodstock Farms organic ketchup

    Spreads, Preserves, Honeys and Syrups


    Spreads, Preserves, Honey and Syrup!

    There are so many different ways to dress up a dish! In our Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go kitchen, we always use syrup, preserves, mustard or honey mixed in a homemade meat marinade or added to a salad dressing. Quality jams and jellies are also a delicious addition to any baking recipe whether mixed into icing or used as a cake filler. There is nothing like a country breakfast with a rich selection of fruit spreads, marmalade, honey and maple syrup spread on toast, bagels, pancakes or waffles.

    Here's a list of what we're currently selling:

    From Stonewall Kitchen:
    Lemon pear marmalade
    Strawberry apple rhubarb jam
    Fig and ginger jam
    Roasted garlic and onion jam
    Red pepper jelly

    From Bonne Maman:
    Cherry preserves
    Mixed berry preserves
    Orange marmalade
    Apricot raspberry preserves
    Mango peach preserves

    From Hero:
    Apricot jam
    Red raspberry jam
    Strawberry jam
    Black cherry jam

    From Hudson Valley Harvest (local producers):
    Pear Sauce
    Just Applesauce

    "Dalmatia" Fig Spread

    "Nicciolata" Organic chocolate hazelnut spread
    "Nutella" Chocolate hazelnut spread

    "Wholesome Sweeteners" Organic blue agave
    "Madhava" Organic amber raw blue agave
    "Madhava" Organic golden light blue agave
    "Madhava" Organic maple agave pancake syrup

    "NYBUZZ" Raw local honey 
    "NYBUZZ" Raw local honey comb
    "Catskill Provisions" Raw wildflower fall honey
    "Coccia Umbra" White truffle honey
    "Sabatino Tartufi" Black truffle honey

    Maple Syrup:
    "Catskill Comfort" Maple syrup
    "Catskill Provisions" Maple syrup
    "Joel and Carol's" Maple syrup

    "Arrowhead Mills" Pancake and waffle mix
    "Catskill Provisions" Pancake and waffle mix
    "McCann's" Irish oatmeal



    Our Secret Ingredient – Fine Gourmet Vinegar



    Our collection of fine gourmet vinegars are Blue Mountain Bistro-to-Go’s “secret” ingredients in all we make. Added as a marinade to meat, to your favorite salad or mixed with extra-virgin olive oil and brushed on crusty bread, our specially selected vinegars will be your “secret” ingredient when you use them at your next dinner party, family meal or to jazz up a simple soup and salad. Now you can recreate this at home with a selection of the best culinary vinegars available at our gourmet food store!


    In our Hudson Valley, NY gourmet food store we offer the finest selection of vinegars, so take your pick of these inspired condiments. Pair with one of our special olive oils for a delicious salad dressing. They also make the perfect addition to a gourmet gift basket or by themselves as a hostess gift.

    Vinegars found in our Gourmet Food Store:

    • Capirete Vinagre de Jerez Sherry Vinegar
    • Mutti Tomato Vinegar 
    • Bel Aria Balsamic Vinegar of Modena- the most versatile vinegar used with marinades, salads, fruit (especially strawberries!),vegetables, dressings, soups and gravies
    • Solera 77 Sherry Wine Vinegar- An elegant base for dressings, marinades, gravy, soup, sauces, great with mushrooms and other vegetables
    • Unio Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Vinegar-A classic addition to tomato sauce, soup, gravy, marinades, dressings, salads and vegetables

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